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Community Center Construction Ongoing
In March 2010, renovation of the Nyia Page Braddock Community Center, located at 416 Library Street, began. Renovations will allow Braddock residents year-round use of a building that has until now only functioned as a community center in the spring and summer. The renovation includes installation of new windows and stained glass, heating, and plumbing, and repairs to the electric system and the roof. Completion is anticipated in Fall 2010. We would like to give a huge thank you Levi Strauss and Co. as well as the Allegheny County DCED for providing us with the support and momentum necessary to make this long awaited rennovation a reality. Braddock Redux will be able to expand our program with local youth and begin programming with senior citizens.
Braddock Youth Project, Summer 2010 Season Begins
June 22nd will be the first day of work for approximately 60 Braddock youth and 12 KEYS Service Corps staff this summer! The Braddock Youth Project is an employment and training program for Braddock-area teenagers. This summer, youth will participate in a range of projects including screen printing, green building and green roof installation, newsletter and video creation, urban farming, design, presentation skills and employment training. See the BYP’s website for more information: