Braddock Redux’s founder, John Fetterman had a vision of a vacant church becoming a center of community activity and positive momentum. He imagined groups of people with wide varieties of skills, knowledge, resources, drive, and abilities sharing ideas and developing collaborative efforts. His vision became Braddock Redux. Our mission seeks to mobilize teens, young adults, and like-minded people of all ages from both within and outside the community for the purpose of the overall betterment of the Braddock area through training opportunities, art initiatives, green initiatives, employment opportunities, the creative re-use of existing structures, and through the flexibility to respond to other opportunities that arise. Braddock Redux is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

1 - Photography exhibition at Unsmoke Art Space, image courtesy Katrencik Photo Archives.
2 - View of Braddock's Edgar Thompson Works Steel Mill from the Monongahela River, image courtesy Katrencik Photo Archives.
3 - Braddock Youth Project's Green Architecture team field trip!
4 - Braddock Avenue circa 1940's
5 - Locals outside of the Braddock Carnegie Library
Top: Braddock as seen from the Ohringer Building rooftop. image courtesy Tonya Markiewicz.

Community Restoration
Community Restoration
Before and After..
Arts and the Community
Arts and the Community