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“One of my immediate goals is to help change the outsider’s perspective of what’s possible in Braddock through the arts.” –John Fetterman

UnSmoke Systems Art Space

Through partnerships and collaborations, Braddock Redux seeks to bring high quality artwork to our community. We spearhead projects that have attracted local talent, internationally recognized artists, and everything in between.

UnSmoke Systems, an initiative of Braddock Redux, is housed in a repurposed Catholic school building. The auditorium has been refashioned into a gallery/events venue, with the classrooms converted into artist studio spaces. UnSmoke hosts regular gallery shows and provides studio space for a number of artists. Unsmoke maintains that Braddock is fertile ground for creativity. The gallery and venue is open for flexible programming.

Braddock Redux provides support and partnership development for UnSmoke Art Space which has enabled successful collaborations with organizations such as the Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts among others. Unsmoke Systems has also shown the work of various local artists.

Art and Youth

In addition to attracting outside artistic talent, Braddock Redux seeks to provide high quality art experiences for residents of Braddock, especially the community’s young people.

Braddock Redux hosts the Woodland Hills All-District Student Art Show each spring in the Community Center. Students from the nearby Woodland Hills school district display their work for two weeks in an event that attracts families, alumni, and community members.

In partnership with the Braddock Youth Project, the Braddock Economic Development Corporation, Braddock Borough, and the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development, Braddock Redux secured funding and coordinated the installation of a mosaic park on an unused lot. Youth Project members helped design and install mosaic artwork in the park alongside renowned artist James Simon. Youth Project members also helped build the “Welcome to Historic Braddock” mosaic sign that sits on Braddock Avenue at the entrance to town. The Braddock Community Center at the former First Presbyterian Church provided the necessary space for local youth to build such large scale arts projects.

We believe that providing high quality arts experiences can empower and connect the people of a community.

Images from top: Gallery at Unsmoke Art Space, Public art from Swoon, Verona Street Mosiac Park- before, Verona Street Mosiac Park – after.

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