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Youth DevelopmentCommunities need ways to positively engage their youth. Braddock Redux seeks to empower Braddock’s young people through hands-on learning opportunities that encourage investment in both self and community.

Braddock Youth Project Partnership

Braddock Redux partners with Allegheny County’s largest youth employment program, the Braddock Youth Project. During the summer, the BYP hires youth who want to better their community through beautification, outreach, and grassroots organization. Braddock Redux provides the Youth Project with operating space in the Community Center, off-season maintenance for its many community gardens, and ongoing partnership development. Among other community partnerships, Braddock Redux collaborated with Grow Pittsburgh to locate their largest urban demonstration farm to Braddock. Each summer, local youth are hired to work at Braddock Farms, learning about local food production and teamwork.

Independent Living Initiative

When youth age out of the foster care system, the sudden shift to independence can be difficult to make. This is a challenging time period for any young adult.

In partnership with the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Braddock Redux provides assistance for a program designed to assist foster youth in their transition to adulthood. The Independent Living Initiative connects young adults who have left the foster care system with KEYS-AmeriCorps mentors and affordable housing. Mentees live next to their mentors in renovated houses and learn life skills as they begin to put down roots in Braddock.

The Independent Living Project transforms two community needs into one innovative resource: young people in need of housing and mentoring, and three houses in need of people to care for them. Braddock Redux secured funding and volunteer support to renovate the Independent Living Initiative’s houses, and continues to act as a community partner for the program. This project was made possible through support from the Buhl Foundation.

Images: From top – 1. Braddock Youth Project members on Braddock Avenue, 2. AmeriCorps service volunteer in the Braddock Community Garden, 3. Independent living home before renovation, 4. Independent living home after renovation.


Braddock Redux has partnered with K.I.D.S. (kids in distressed situations). Through K.I.D.S., Braddock Redux assigned two stores to start (Carters and OshKosh) and will be receiving all surplus merchandise to go towards our monthly ‘Free Stores’ at the Braddock Community Center.

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  1. tulasi sisti (September 20, 2011)

    I ran into a woman at the coop her in Austin tx who was visiting from Erie, PA. I asked her if she had heard about the efforts for social and economic rejuvenation and the mayor’s efforts. her response “he needs to come to Erie!”