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In 2003 Braddock Redux’s founder, John Fetterman, had a vision of a vacant church becoming a center of community activity and positive momentum. He imagined groups of people with a wide variety of skills, knowledge, resources, drive and abilities sharing ideas and developing collaborative efforts, with the community center as a hub. In 2004 the Braddock Economic Development Corporation and the Braddock Borough Council President led a community planning group that mapped out a plan to renovate the church so it could be used as a community center. Subsequently, Allegheny County Economic Development funded a Master Plan process. The building’s design concept and goals for its use were developed by a steering committee during a five month process that involved a cross section of the community. The building’s location is at the historic heart and center of Braddock – the Braddock Carnegie Library, Braddock Employment and Training Center, the Mayor’s home, the basketball courts, the Elk’s Club, the football field, and the Urban Garden.

Ever since the Community Center was acquired by Braddock Redux, is has functioned as a vibrant gathering place for community events including the Woodland Hills All District Art Show, concerts, and Braddock Youth Project gatherings. The building is currently undergoing a much anticipated renovation that would not be possible without the generous assistance of Levis Strauss & Co. as well as congressman Doyle’s office and the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development.

The Braddock Community Center vision is sustainable.

Green systems will help to keep maintenance costs low while rental income from the building’s event spaces and anticipated tenants will generate the funds necessary to maintain the building.
The Braddock Community Center design principles and programs:

• Provide space for community programs that support and enhance Braddock’s new growth and development.

• Be a place where youth can gather and have fun: a place for learning,a place for arts, an alternative to standing around in the street, an inspirational place that is open to all ages but is especially for teens and young adults.

• Welcome and provide programming for seniors.

• Attract everyone, but most importantly be a place for young people.
• Encourage parents to be involved in all Community Center activities.

• Provide activities and programs to support career skills.

• Employ sustainable materials and systems.

• A food vendor, kitchen facilities, and healthy after school snacks could contribute to the Community Center’s success.

The Braddock Community Center will:

• Further the development of Library Street as Braddock’s heart and center.
• Complement programs offered at the Braddock Carnegie Library and the Avenue Apartments senior assisted living facility.

• Be a gathering space providing programs for all Braddock citizens but especially for teens and seniors.

• Support and enhance existing programs in art, fitness, technology and youth mentoring and provide appropriate space for these programs.
• Establish and support new programs for teens, seniors and the community at large and provide appropriate space for these programs.

• Be self-sustaining and aspire to LEED certification. Rental income will provide income. Heating, ventilating and electrical costs will be minimized with the use of sustainable systems.

• Improve its physical plant on a phase-by-phase basis.

• Provide activities and programs to support career skills.

Former First Presbyterian Church Circa 1900